Protecting invertebrates and ecosystems

Herbivorous animals such as deer, marmots, mice, snails, and insects play a very significant role in the meadow ecosystem whether they are big or small. Food webs and nutrient cycles break down; the ecosystem is collapsing especially when there are no invertebrates. Some of the ingredients used in making Epoxy floor coatings gold coast are from the environment as everything is interrelated on the planet earth. Thus, nature should be conserved and the environment needs to be protected all the time.

So far, little is known how the loss of animal species of different sizes – for example from deer to small aphids – affects the networking and thus also the functioning of the ecosystem. The loss of invertebrates in particular will have a huge impact on the meadow ecosystem.

Invertebrates take over when vertebrates disappear

If the large mammals were absent, there were more interactions between the remaining communities and their inanimate environment, such as soil chemistry, than if the mammals were present. Specifically, this means, for example, that fast-growing plant species that can make good use of soil nutrients benefit from the elimination of ungulates, at the expense of plants that endure heavily. With large mammals, especially deer, an ecosystem functions no worse than without; it works differently.

If, however, all animals were excluded, including invertebrates living above ground, the interactions between communities and between communities and the inanimate environment decreased. The aboveground and underground networking deteriorated.

Invertebrates need better protection

The better the communities on the meadows interacted and thus networked with their environment, the better the function of the ecosystem. In the national park, nutrient availability, soil respiration and the number of plant species are some of the measures of this functioning. If, on the other hand, the networking was poor, the ecosystem works poorly. It becomes unstable and is less able to respond to changing environmental conditions.

It is important for your health that the air, water, and plants are as free as possible from pollutants and poisons. Therefore, it is the duty of every man to protect and conserve nature, the environment, and everything around it.