Why is nature and animal protection so important?

Every animal and every plant is unique in its own way and should therefore be preserved and protected. Every living being on this planet has a right to live, even if it is just a small ant or a meadow flower. If you want to reach more followers to spread nature awareness, FreeTik will be helpful.

Inventions through observation of nature

You can learn so much from animals and nature and thus advance yourself and society. Numerous inventions, which you often use in everyday life, could only be developed and produced through observation of nature. An example of this is the lotus plant. This plant has a kind of self-cleaning mechanism for its leaves. When this became known, attempts were made to use this mechanism for humans. Roof tiles and facade paint were developed, which repel dirt according to the same principle as the lotus plant.

Nature and animals have a far-reaching meaning in life

If you do not take care of nature and the animals and thus destroy them, you also destroy your own livelihood at the same time, because they provide you with food. You cannot just run ruthlessly through this world and do nothing for nature and animal protection. Because ultimately you need nature and also animals to survive. It is not right to simply exploit nature. You also have to give something back to her otherwise the world around you will eventually collapse like a house of cards. It’s not just about food. You need nature for much more than you often think. Medicines, for example, are often made from natural products, cosmetics contain natural products and plants such as cotton trees are required for clothing.

Animals and plants also have a signaling function

They can show you how your environment is doing. You can see whether the air, the ground or the water are clean and, if necessary, take measures to improve the condition. It is particularly important to protect areas that can help counteract climate change. Large areas of forest or moors should be preserved, as these are able to convert a lot of carbon dioxide. In this way, practiced nature conservation and animal protection also make a contribution to active climate protection. But sustainable land use that is in line with nature conservation is also good for the climate.