Why Obesity is a Problem to Humanity and not with the Animal Kingdom

Amongst humans, there are high number of reported cases for obesity. This is the same reason as well why appetite suppressant pills become so popular nowadays to help people lose fats and be on a healthy weight line. But would you believe it if I tell you that the same problem is also experienced by animals, more so dogs and cats as well as other domesticated animals?

Food Dependence?

Though with wild animals, they have to consume what their body needs – without the addition of salt, fries or any life indulgences humans are used to. Super-sized portions or second serving are neither an option too. Instead, these animals are living their lives engaged and vigilant of their environment.

Unlike humans, animals don’t bother with “not to be or to be”. Instead, they are what they are. Example, zebras are not trying to become a lion, giraffes don’t measure its neck’s length and so forth. In essence, they do not need anything to fill up their emotional uncertainty.

Do you still remember your childhood when you feel so energized and ready for the day? The times when you did not actually need anything to get out of the bed and make it through the day? Somehow, it’s pretty common that we got disconnected from this feeling as we reach adulthood. Only if we consider that foods are among the first elements we have an easy access to and given from our younger years as a way to comfort uncomfortable feelings, it’ll make sense that eating is a behavior that we keep using to cope on day to day lives.

Should be Set as a Prime Example

Looking back to wild animals, they are contented with what they are. Food is not something that they have to rely on to eliminate emotional distress. They just deal with it. That’s why if you look at the state of people’s bodies worldwide, you’d see how many people get disconnected to natural health and resorting to eating to fuel their emotions.

This is the reason as well why compared to domesticated animals, wild animals do not have much problems about obesity.