Bird Watching

There are many species of birds. Some may be very intriguing. It is very important to preserve locations where migratory birds usually stay. The birds choose different locations as their breeding grounds. Many of which find the area so appealing and they choose not to leave. Birds are very important to nature. They are bio indicators of the health of the ecosystem and migratory birds return to the same spot annually to refuel, nest and go so its significant for man to understand their impact on these habitats wherever they go.  Bird watching promotes understanding of birds, its behavior and the surroundings. Bird watching from the outsider’s point of view seems like a group of photographers capturing images of birds, but truly its more than that. It’s a lifer- a boost of life in our lives.
In birdwatcher language “lifer” means to see a bird species for the first time in one’s lifetime is considered to be one of a birdwatcher’s greatest moments. It is the experience of seeing these “kings of the sky” in their natural environment and learning about their ways of life.
If you’re a first-time bird watcher here are some things you should know:





Have the a good and quality pair of binoculars. This is your most important tool when you go on birdwatching. Choose a pair of binoculars that is clear and not fuzzy. When your binoculars give you a blurry vision, chances are you won’t know which kind of bird is it. This can cause frustration and this can be a reason for you not to go birdwatching again. A good set of binoculars can guarantee every birdwatcher a memorable and exciting experience. The images are clear, crisp and well-focused.

Field guides
Field guides can either be books with pictures of birds, or an application in that can help you identify what kind of birds you’ve spotted. You can also refer to the Internet for help.

Try bringing the birds to you.
If you have your equipment and materials ready, the next step is to go out looking for birds. Try birdwatching in your backyard first. You can attract birds by spreading bird feeders in your backyard so the birds visit you. Once you have the opportunity to see different kinds of birds in your backyard it’s time to sharpen your skills in identifying the birds you see.

Be familiar with your surroundings.
As you birdwatch outside your backyard look for locations that may have plenty of birds. Studying about the haven that bird species would prefer is important. Knowing what they like and where they spend most of their time is very helpful in spotting them. Knowing the different sounds of birds is also a must. Remember that most often you hear them first before seeing it.