Protecting animals and wildlife

Did you know that humans are the one main reason for the extinction of species worldwide? Human behavior endangers animals, plants and even the entire landscapes. But everyone can help so that beavers, hamsters and others are not threatened with extinction.

What is biodiversity?

This describes the genetic diversity within the individual species, but also how many species of plants and animals there are on earth and the diversity of habitats. The extinction of species is largely due to the disappearance of biotopes.

Tips for people on the go

  • Strictly observe the required routes in nature conservation and wildlife protection areas. That means: No geocaching, mountain biking or going cross-country because the animals need their quiet rooms.
  • Do not throw any rubbish into nature. If there isn’t a trash can nearby, just take the trash home with you.
  • Take protective measures seriously. Most of the prohibition signs are not intended as a nuisance for those passing by – they protect the defenseless.
  • There are urban gardening projects which offer the opportunity to contribute to environmental protection in a community. Herb beds, for example, are very insect-friendly.

Tips for home and garden owners

Select native and insect-friendly plants and shrubs. Even small areas of two to three square meters help bees, bumblebees and butterflies. Nurseries, tree nurseries and garden centers usually have insect-friendly plants on offer. These also provide nesting opportunities for birds.

Environmentally friendly crop protection does not kill all aphids, but they are the source of food for ladybugs.

The animals only get where there are plants. The small green oases are relaxing places in the city for all living things.

Attention! The plants shouldn’t be poisonous, but rather “edible “for children. In this way, even the youngest get to know nature right from the start. They will learn the value of protecting nature and animals. It is a good start for them while they play this game in their gadgets.

As part of the environment, every person, adult or children, need to contribute in saving natural resources and animals.  This helps in slowing down the extinction of animal species.