Les Mer: Eco-friendly Robotic Vacuums

One of the least favorite chores that people need to do at home is vacuuming. While it’s much easier than sweeping the floor, it isn’t fun to be pushing and pulling a bulky and heavy vacuum cleaner around the house whilst trying not to run over the cord. This is a reason many homemakers have become quite excited with the innovation of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Eco-friendly Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Report revealed that about 20% of the vacuum cleaners in the world are now robotic, wherein in 2016, 14 million of robotic vacuum cleaners were bought. This has revolutionized cleaning as these robots could dust, mop as well as sanitize the floor as they autonomously go. Furthermore, they are very efficient, consume less energy, minimize our carbon footprint, and don’t make use of any harmful chemicals. Hence, robotic vacuum cleaners, such as those on, are an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.

These robotic vacuum cleaners are assembled from components and parts that don’t damage or harm the environment. Since they make use of technology that is guided by laser, these robots clean and disinfect surfaces with precision and, as mentioned, don’t waste energy. As their movements are accurate, you cut down on your lessen carbon emission, cut down your energy bill and save money.

As robotic vacuum cleaners are improved and bettered in terms of functionality, efficiency as well as cost, the shift towards cleaning solutions with more automated features is expected to gain ground. If you are gearing onto smart cleaning, utilizing a robot vacuum cleaner is a good option as it will definitely save you time, energy, money and is environmental friendly.

Other Features

Other than these, robot vacuum cleaners have other features as well. Below are some.

  • Scheduled Cleaning. As robot vacuums are autonomous, you could program them to do its job on specific days or time of the day. Hence, your floor is cleaned even without human interaction.
  • Clean Hard-to-Reach Places. This includes under the bed, the couch or sofa, and other big furniture.
  • Dust, Mop and Sanitize. When it comes to cleaning, mopping is probably worse than vacuuming. With automated robot vacuums, they dust and mop at the same time. And with the advancement in technology, some even sanitize as they clean.